Busty Girl Comics

Posted by CB , Sunday, April 22, 2012 11:17 p.m.

My new favorite blog/the story of my life.

Seriously, hilarious and sympathizing.


Interview or speed date?

Posted by CB , Tuesday, March 27, 2012 7:44 p.m.

About a week ago, I went to a job interview for a hostess job at a restaurant in my city. I looked cute, wearing a cute red sweater and skinny black jeans with boots. The guy who was supposed to interview me wasn't there so I was interview by his associate/chef/waiter. The guy seemed to kinda be hitting on me-ish and of course I was on my best behavior, trying to impress for this job. He texts me after the interview, confirming the spelling of my name and it ends with that.

HOWEVER, I get a FB message today from him saying this: (translated after for you english folks)

salut, en fait..on ne se connait pas.. on s'est parlé l'autre jour au (nom du restaurant)..mais c'est a titre tout a fait personnel que je t'écris.. j'aurais tout simplement aimé t'offrir un verre, si ca peut t'intéresser... ce serait un plaisir de faire ta connaissance..alors..a la prochaine peut-être... (Son nom ici)
Hi, en fact..we don't know each other.. we talked the other day at (restaurant name)..but I'm writing to you about something personal..I simply would've liked to take you out for a drink, if that would interest you...I would love to get to know you..so..see you soon maybe... (His name here)
So he used my information from my resume aka my name, my cell number, to contact me on Facebook and ask me out.

I was traumatized! I went for a JOB interview, not a speed date! Now, I'm wondering whether this means I have the job or not and either way, this is the most unprofessional way to treat a future employee or even simply a candidate for a job! He used my personal information that I gave on my resume to APPLY FOR A JOB, to try and ask me out.

I sincerely hope he doesn't do this to everyone who applies but I wouldn't be surprised. And in the message, he says that we met at this restaurant and conveniently doesn't mention the fact that I applied for a job there.

Not too sure what to answer yet, I'll wait and see.

Dating dealbreakers

Posted by KB , Tuesday, March 6, 2012 1:14 a.m.

Hey ladies.
You love Cosmo? Yeah, so do we. Check out this awesome article on dating dealbreakers - 15 things that make guys dumpable:

We get it: Dating can be a real beyotch sometimes. You can be out having a great time with a guy and all of the sudden…he’ll do something so annoying or ridiculous, that you just have to end it.

To figure out what other crazy dude behaviors are big no-nos, we asked you to tweet your responses to #DatingDealbreaker. We totally feel you on these

1. “He asks me to pick him up.” —Pamela B.
2. “He orders water.” —Ashley A.
3. “He assumes you’re going home with him on the first date.” —Sarah S.
4. “He lives at home when he’s 30.” —Michelle A.
5. “He keeps trying to be cheap by asking the waitress if everything costs extra money.” —Debra M.
6. “He suggests we rock, paper, scissors for the check.” —Laura M.
7. “He’s really mean to his mom. It just shows the little amount of respect he has for women.” —Devonie E.
8. “He doesn’t use proper grammar.” —Denisse S.
9. “He has dirty fingernails.” —@kissyface454
10. “He gets drunk on the first date, and I have to babysit him.” —Kait M.
11. “I like sports more than he does.” —Kathleen K.
12. “He checks out other girls on our first date.” —Peyton R.
13. “He brags about himself the entire time, bringing every topic back to how ‘amazing’ he is.” —Hayley L.
14. “He’s pushy and grabby.” —Courtney R.
15. “He tweets more than I do.” —Jada N.

Well there you have it. To be honest, I think this list could go on and on. What do you think? Ever witnessed something that was a total dealbreaker for you? Let's be honest, guys can be pretty gross and clueless on dates.

- Kimberly

Condom 'check ins' - Weird or not?

Posted by CB , Friday, March 2, 2012 9:28 p.m.

A website called Where Did You Wear It began a series of condoms with codes (P.S. Codes are on the wrapper, not on the condom haha) that you can scan with your Smartphone to report the location of where you had protected sex. The view they're going for here is to prove that many people do practice safe sex and are proud of it.

Proud enough to put it on the web?

When you report that you have used a 'coded condom', you fill out a questionnaire with a couple basic questions such as why do you use condoms, how good the sex was (answers range from Ahh-mazing, rainbows exploded and mountains trembled to Things can only improve from here), to where did you wear it (bedroom, at a party, etc..). It also asks you your approximate location so that it can be pin-pointed on a map with all of the other condom users.

Call me old-fashioned but I find this to be just another example of how technology is ruling our lives. First Cosmo reports that among the most popular things people do after sex is check their Facebook, now you can even check in your condom!

Check out the website and tell me what you think! Ingenious or invasive?

Viva Italian Mamas!

Posted by CB , Tuesday, February 28, 2012 7:59 p.m.

Since I have seen this video, I can't stop watching it and laughing and just loving it.
Also, it's Damien from Mean Girls.

The Oscars

Posted by CB , Monday, February 27, 2012 7:03 p.m.

The Oscars were pretty boring so I have nothing to say except that I have a girl crush on JLo.


Superbowl Sunday: A relationship disaster?

Posted by CB , Sunday, February 5, 2012 4:43 p.m.

Okay ladies,let's put this out there: How many of you have broken up with a boyfriend on Superbowl Sunday? (Or even around there)
Last year, on Superbowl Sunday, my now ex-boyfriend had invited me to a party with the gang from his job which included a certain girl I suspected he was fooling around with. He told me that he'd rather I didn't come because if I did, she wouldn't so I decided to stay home, cry, call my mom and break up with him.
I think it was the whole Superbowl thing that just pushed me over the edge.

So today, in honor of the year anniversary of my break, I'm not watching the Superbowl, I don't even know who's playing and I'm not crying this year so I'm pretty happy overall :)

So, any of you break up with boyfriends on Superbowl Sunday?